Hi, I’m Rohit Gopalan and I currently play in the ACT Premier Cricket Grade competition in the Australian Capital Territory. I was previously born and bred in Western Australia but I had moved to the nation’s capital for work.

It is just pure luck that I ended up as a grade cricketer. Since I started playing with the hard ball just shy of 13 years (in the 2003/04 season), I’ve been on the synthetic wickets. Wickets that are played on artificial turf that consistently provides pace, bounce and movement which gives an even contest between bat and ball.

I cannot believe to get this far considering when I first started, I only knew the forward defence and could bowl some decent medium pace and spin and I didn’t score more than 10 only in my fourth ever year in cricket. But, through some hard work and time, I gradually can score runs while occupying the crease while can swing the ball and bowl the odd slower ball and yorker.

Anyways, this is my site and I’ll give you insights of my experience in the ACT grade competition among other things which may or may not be related.

Disclaimer: All content expressed on this site are the author’s views and do not reflect the views of Cricket ACT nor any of the clubs the author has represented in the ACT Premier Cricket competition.

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