A Confession, January 24 2017

I have a confession to make that is related to playing grade. During late 2013-14, I was working in an IT consultancy firm, Visagio when I got a placement for the WA Health Graduate Program in 2014 which I was part of the recruitment before joining Visagio one month later. Although I spoke to a few key people including my Dad, I decided to continue in Visagio and decline the graduate program position as my current job was paying a lot better than the other despite the uncertainty of job security that WA Health (being in the public service) can offer.

It was costly when I was laid off from Visagio soon after. Three months later, I joined a national garage doors enterprise, Centurion Garage Doors to look after the nationwide IT-related systems until I attended an interview for a placement for the Australian Taxation Office graduate program in 2015. This time, it was too good to pass up after what previously happened but I was skeptical since I was leaving the home comforts to take on a crucial job interstate in Canberra.

At the time of the move, I was playing in the lower grades of the South Metropolitan Cricket Association competition in Perth for Riverton-Rostrata. Sometimes I played as a bowler, sometimes as a batsman and sometimes as an all-rounder. I had played 65 games, took 62 wickets and scored 413 runs. Having moved to Canberra, I then joined Canberra Workers Redbacks and played 17 games, took 12 wickets and scored 221 runs. It was in my final season with the Redbacks that I decided to give grade cricket a go and I haven’t looked back since.

Put it this way. Had I accepted the WA Health position, I would be in Perth for pretty much a very long time as the public service guarantees job security more than the private sector. Furthermore, I would have continued playing in lower grade cricket for Riverton-Rostrata and possibly played 100+ games, took 100+ wickets and scored 1000+ runs. So Grade cricket wouldn’t have happened at all since the WACA Premier Cricket competition was very competitive including selections.

Even if I had moved to Canberra after my career mishaps, had I not known about the ACT Premier Cricket competition through my own network, I would have been playing for the Redbacks and possibly played 100+ games, took 100+ wickets and scored 1000+ runs.

Now it doesn’t matter. Here I am taking part in Ginninderra in Grade and I have taken my first ever five-wicket haul and learned some valuable lessons in all facets of my game from my coach and senior players. Of course, I had that facility in Riverton-Rostrata which partly was why I joined an organized set-up in grade cricket only after realizing that synthetic wicket cricket in Canberra wasn’t to my liking.

Although I do regret what happened in my personal career, I’m grateful for what happened afterward with my job and cricket, both of which are going quite well.



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