Waiting for Pre-season, July 31 2017

I’m now waiting for Pre-season to get underway, but hopefully not for very long as our coach Mick Delaney is in the US (according to his Facebook profile).

Since the season had ended, I have been involved with my own off-field activities. Mostly playing Don Bradman Cricket 17 on my PC, which is turning out to be better than it’s predecessor in many ways. I digress though, the game is more comfortable with the ball than the bat. Simply pitch the ball on a length with some movement, and the batsmen will either edge it behind or onto the stumps.  My DBC 17 Avatar is going pretty good as it continuously takes wickets for fun, especially 8-40 in an ODI against India at the WACA and twice taking 10-for in First-Class cricket. 10-51 in a Test against India at Kolkata and 10-32 against Queensland at the SCG.

Apart from DBC 17, I had enrolled in Cricket Mentoring’s playing Spin program and had managed to incorporate their suggestions/tips into sessions I had with Masud Rahman. However, since my marriage on May 6th in hot and humid conditions in India, I’d never got around to pick up the gear ever since.

Nevertheless, I had the chance to work on my fitness at the gym. I had previously started lifting heavy and running faster in the hope I could develop my fast-twitch fiber, which could help build that extra pace. I had been advised by family and friends numerous times that running really fast could provide long term knee damage. Naturally, I had brushed off those comments, but after being warned for the third time, I stopped running quickly.

By then, a new application called BowlFit came out onto the app market. Naturally, out of curiosity, I downloaded the app and checked it out. As it appears, they only charge $5.50 a month should you want to get a personalized program. But there was a catch. We had to complete a specific pre-screening test and although I did reasonably ok with the Cardiovascular and the flexibility areas, my core, and overall strength was lacking, According to the analysis, I had been a little flat and when I checked the scales later, I was weighing 77kg having previously been 78/79 kg.

Alarming? Probably yes, with the pre-season coming up and I decided well might as well follow their program and see what I could get out of it. I may not be looking to go up the grades, but if this program helps me to dominate 5th grade at least, then I’ll be thrilled.

Speaking of 5th grade, I had told JP last month about my intentions to stay in 5ths unless the higher grades are short on quality bowlers. Now with myself being married, I will need to balance married life with my cricket. So, I should keep Saturdays free for cricket and nothing else. The only problem is that some higher grade fixtures and finals are hosted on a Sunday. On that theory, I would rule myself out. It would be a shame if I was a frequent player in the higher grades only to withdraw from the finals. My concern is what others would think. I figured playing in 5ths will allow me to play all games, including the finals, if we make it.

Initially, I would be committed to going up the grades, but my marriage has changed my priorities. I can at least go out and enjoy my cricket in the lower grades, be a senior player to the younger players as well as helping out the captain. Although it’s not guaranteed, it seems like Chris Arcella may become the 5ths skipper on a full-time basis. I just recently happened to see Archie at the shops, and we talked cricket for a bit and also on Facebook messenger. The good thing about Archie is that he has a vision for both team and individual. As like previously after the last season, he’s happy to welcome me with both arms and has already outlined me a role this season. He’s hinting that I bowl in the middle overs and occasionally take the new ball while also putting me up the order to bat. It was a role that I was satisfied with as most of my wickets last season have come from the older ball rather than the new one, including my 5-for against Wests-UC.


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