Mid Season Review at Kuala Lumpur, December 16 2017

Here I am on the way to India for my brother’s wedding, which is in 5 days reflecting on the season so far. To date, this season, I thought, has gone reasonably well for both myself and the club. I’ve played 6 games so far, and we’ve only lost two. Basically, we’ve won more games than we lost (won 4, lost 2 so win/loss ratio is 2.00) compared to last season at the same time where the win/loss ratio was around 1.00. Last season, it was noted that I take more wickets in wins than losses, but there doesn’t seem to be any different this time around (my recent game netted two wickets in a loss).

I’ve only played 6 games as I had missed two weeks of cricket, including a week of cricket, which is happening today. The other week was missed as I had moved residence. In saying so, there were also two additional weeks that I missed courtesy of the continuous rain on the 18th of November and the 2nd of December, which can be very frustrating. Still, it’s nothing much you can do given that time is required for pitch preparation.

Within those 6 games, I had scored 71 runs, took 8 wickets, 2 catches, and effected one run out. On reflection, this has been a good start for me personally as an allrounder. My ultimate goal is to achieve the treble of 100 games, 1000 runs, and 100 wickets within 10-15 years. So, I would need to make, on average, 7-10 games, 70-100 runs, and 7-10 wickets a season. Basically, I’ve managed to achieve the minimum target with runs and wickets, and it would be easy to meet the minimum matches played mark after the season resumption. I had been told that my goals were too basic. Still, with the weather and other life events potentially occurring, I felt these targets would be ok. However, I was encouraged to aim higher, which was why I thought if I could achieve the double of 200 runs and 20 wickets, then it would be a successful season for me.

After the break, we have two months of cricket (plus finals if I’m selected). Realistically, I will be back in the country only on the night of 6th January, which meant one week will be gone. Plus, with my parents coming down to Canberra for a visit for the Australia Day Long weekend, another week will be lost there. So, in the regular season, there will be seven weeks of cricket left for me. It will be given that I’ll play three one-day matches in either 5ths or 6ths between January 13th and February 4th. After that, I’m currently available for four consecutive weeks of cricket in which there will be two-day cricket action, which I hope I would get a chance if consistently perform with bat and ball, and there are bowling vacancies. The quality we have through the grades in the club has made it difficult for me to break through and go up the ranks.

Nevertheless, within the regular season, I could play seven one day matches, 5 one day matches, and one two day match or 3 one day matches and 2 two day matches. Basically, in this period, I’ll have 5-7 games left in the regular season, and to achieve the double, I need to score 129 runs and take 12 wickets. I’m technically capable of making the double, but mentally, if I relax and follow my routines, there’s no reason why I can’t achieve the double. I’ve started to apply some relaxation techniques when between balls in my recent game, and if I stick to that in the games and also in practice, then it would be a significant breakthrough. Interestingly enough, I remember while in the field at a deepish mid-on, I was saying “hit the ball to me,” and the next minute, the batsman hit the ball in the air for me to take the straightforward catch.

I feel the mental side of my game was missing having in everyone’s view that I’m generally good technically. I just need to be strong mentally to succeed. Let’s hope I remember to continue my relaxation methods once I resume my cricket.

In terms of being on track to achieving the treble, I should have played at least 14-20 games, scored 140-200 runs, and taken 14-20 wickets after what’s currently my second season of grade cricket. Now, I’ve played 21 games, scored 124 runs, and taken 23 wickets. So I’m also firming on track for the treble.

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