2018-19 Season review, March 17 2019

It was, indeed, a remarkable season. I know it didn’t quite get off to the best of starts when I suffered the facial injury at preseason, but it did end pretty well yesterday. I took a catch at gully and put in some decent stops in the field, having worked on the fielding with more purpose on Thursday. Fielding had all of a sudden, becoming important for me in terms of selection and personal improvement. Come to think of it; if I could spend more time on fielding than bowling, then I won’t feel overworked with the ball every session. Just recently, I have made a commitment to attempting to work on it during the off-season with the assistance of a professional coach. I hope it would pay off.

Otherwise bowling wise, the season was a success while I didn’t get much batting opportunity. 31 runs at 10.33 aren’t terrible reading when you have scores of only 4 not out, 12, 10, and 5 all season. At least it was better than the stinky single digit the only phase I experienced after making 47 in a 6th Grade game last season. I hope for better days, especially how well I have been hitting the ball in recent times in the nets.

Now to the bowling. After an inauspicious start in 4th Grade against Queanbeyan (four wicketless overs for 18 plus leg cramp), I was on a wicket-taking spree in 5th Grade where there was no game that I went wicketless (all figures after bowling 8 overs):

  • 2/25 for Ginninderra Black against ANU White
  • 3/35 for Ginninderra Yellow against Eastlake Blue Demons
  • 1/46 for Ginninderra Yellow against Weston Creek Molonglo
  • 2/40 for Ginninderra Yellow against ANU White
  • 2/24 for Ginninderra Black against Ginninderra Yellow
  • 3/28 for Ginninderra Black against Weston Creek Molonglo
  • 2/24 for Ginninderra Black against Queanbeyan
  • 3/30 for Ginninderra Black against ANU White

In eight games in 5th Grade, I took 18 wickets @ 14.00 with an economy rate of 3.93 runs per over and a strike rate of 21.3 balls per wicket. Six of those wickets were from opening the bowling with the others when I wasn’t. Statistically, you would argue that I would be better off as a change bowler, but as a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter when I bowl. I’ll take wickets or at least keep the runs down. The six wickets I took opening the bowling in three games for Ginninderra Black, I only conceded just over three runs per over.

Overall stats of 10 games (including the one set for Adelaide University), 19 wickets @ 14.10 with an economy rate of 3.72, and a strike rate of 22.7 imply that it has been a better season statistically. That is an improvement of last season and the season before that. That is remarkable reading: 2016-17 I took 15 wickets; 2017-18, it was 17. Now this season it’s 19. Perhaps it wouldn’t be too surprising if the 2019-20 season was 21 wickets (as each season the tally increases by two), but I don’t think it bothers me too much. Nevertheless, I was happy to pass 50 wickets in Turf cricket that occurred in my last game on the last ball I bowled for Ginninderra.

At this stage, I am inclined to stay with Adelaide University since I have been encouraged to work on fielding, which will help me get more games. Moreover, I am likely to get more opportunities over the uni students as I’ll be available more often than them. Unfortunately, Goodwood is going to be disappointed, having helped me out recently, but I probably need some impartial advice from my coaches.


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