Prince Alfred Old Collegians vs Hectorville at Park 15, December 5 & 12 2020

November 18, 2020

As a result of the latest relevations about COVID spreading through a pizza as well as the growing of the current Parafield Cluster, we are going to into a six-day lockdown. Yesterday, all community sport including cricket was temporary cancelled for two weeks, which meant that we will lose two weeks of cricket. Having managed to build up a decent bowling rhythm with a now bustling run-up and delivery stride, this is a bitter blow together with the closure of gyms. Which meant, that I was going to be confined to home workouts until the gyms can reopen

November 30, 2020

First day back in the gym and felt very energetic as I was able to progressively overload on several of my strength-based exercises. This is courtesy of a high carb while maintaining adequate protein diet that I had to put on as a result of my gradual weight loss over the past few weeks. Whilst my weight has pushed over to the standard BMI levels of 25, I should remember that about 0.8-1kg is the weight of the skin. Thereby technically, I am still within the BMI level of 25 based on this fact when I did my recently EVOLT weigh-in last month.

Irrespective of this, I was foolish to cut carbs which triggered the weight loss since carbs is actually a critical component in a cricketer’s diet. Considering that I am an allrounder these days, I need sufficient fuel in order to bowl and bat in a single match like I have been doing in the past. Being able to get through a few shadow bowls with the pre-lockdown bowling action implies that the latest addition of carbs has not hampered the action. The action will be put to the test on Thursday, weather permitting.

December 4, 2020

Yesterday I felt a bit rusty with the bat considering that I haven’t played nor trained for 3 weeks. I had completely forgotten how I held the bat which helped me start the season off with a bang. Nevertheless, I managed a few good drives off Dan Mosey whilst managing some short arm pulls off Connor Craigie. I just don’t understand why he always likes to bowl short every time I go into bat. I am starting to get a bit fed up with him even though I am starting to play him better. My performance in the nets was down to a sore shoulder from having to carry the kit to training after parking the car right on Dequetville Terrace.

But that sore shoulder didn’t really affect my bowling nor fielding. I bowled mainly straight but also got a few to swing away while I managed an overarm direct hit during fielding drills at the end of training.

Today, I was selected to play in Cs under Maxy for the second time this season (the first time was in Rd 1 which was washed out) but it meant that I have an opportunity to play two-day cricket this season as long as today’s and tomorrow morning’s rain doesn’t affect the pitch which should have been covered by 7pm tonight as per the ATCA instructions. Considering that I am expected to miss the next round of fixtures, this is a welcome sign for me. Should tomorrow be a wash out, I will at least be able to play next weekend rather than having to wait till the start of the new year if I was in LO6s.

I managed to get some Intel into our opponents Hectorville from Jeet Patel who used to play for them. He told me to watch out for Gary Dwiar and Stephen Lessing who are pretty good at dispatching bad balls while he thinks that there are also some good medium pacers/spinners that we need to be mindful off.

But from our line-up, we’ve also got some awesome bowling depth. Maxy and Yogi I presume will open the bowling, then there is Raj Gopal, Stephen Otanelli and myself to follow. I am hoping to be the 5th bowler but will be surprised if I came on first or second change. Nevertheless, my focus would be to bowl dry for whatever number of overs I am given.

December 5, 2020

There had been some doubt about whether we would be able to play at all. When I went to the shops in the morning, rain had fallen on the car and while I was at the shops, it continued to rain. Nevertheless, the pitch at Park 15 which wasn’t covered at all, was not affected by the rain which meant we were on.

Once again, I arrived at the ground late which was the last thing I wanted having frustrated Maxy with my lack of time management last season. By the time I arrived, Maxy won the toss and chose to field due to the past and the current overhead conditions. However, prior to us going out to field, the sun came out which was slightly frustrating.

Thereafter the Hectorville openers P Ritchie and Soulsby provided their side with a solid opening of 49 but not without incident. In the first over, Campbell Porter effected a direct hit at the non-striker’s end which wasn’t given. Then Josh Clarke dropped P Ritchie off Steve Ottanelli before he had the batsman then bowled off a no-ball. After nine overs of Otters and Yogi, Maxy brought on Raj at Yogi’s end, and himself at Otters’ end.

One thing that hasn’t changed from last season was Maxy’s modus operandi of bowling straight which led to a profitable season with the ball earning 27 wickets. Today he bowled four batsmen. He first clean bowled both the openers as well as Patel.

After Raj bowled his seven overs for 22, I finally got my chance. After bowling a tidy over that went for just three runs, I induced an edge from Barwick in my second over which went low down to Jacob Leak at slip to his left which he couldn’t cling on. But there was a mix-up and Leaky fired a throw into Sudsy (Josh) to effect a run-out. Soon after, I induced another edge, this time from Staggard off a perfectly pitched outswinger which Sudsy and Leaky dropped much to my frustration. While I managed to beat the bat a few more times, my first spell came to an end after four overs when Maxy decided to attack with Otters and Yogi prior to tea albeit unsuccessfully. They were 4 for 100 at the break.

Following the resumption of play, Otters had enough after one over and Maxy took over. That proved pivotal as Maxy clean bowled Staggard. Then it started to rain, and it got heavier which forced the players off the field. Thankfully it was only for 15 mins. Following an inspection, we were back on the field. It did start to rain again but it was drizzling, and the ball started to get damp. It was precisely around this time that Maxy brought me back on for a second spell. By then, we had a change of keeper as well. After dropped a few chances and had conceded 23 byes, Sudsy had enough keeping. Connor offered to take over, but Maxy went for Raj who also offered to keep. Over the course of his stint, Raj found the courage to keep up to Maxy which is never easy since Maxy bowls at a skidy pace. He even kept up to me as well.

Meanwhile, Maxy obtained his fifth wicket courtesy of a good low catch by Connor Craigie at short mid-off to dismiss Stephen Lessing, one of the danger guys Jeet had been telling me about. He later finished with 5 for 35 from his 14 overs. At the other end, while I was able to swing the damp ball away from Lessing’s bat, I wasn’t able to get a critical breakthrough after three overs. So Maxy gave me one more and still there was no result after four deliveries. Knowing it was going to be my last over regardless, I instinctively decided to bowl the split fingered slower ball. I delivered it, Pazeski swung at it across the line and was bowled. I mentioned this in the huddle and Leaky told me it was a cheeky move to that affect (don’t know what exactly he said). Anyways, I got a wicket at that matter. I got another over as a result but with no further luck. For now, that was the end of my spell and I never bowled again as Connor and Otters cleaned up the tail.

Connor was the surprise package since by default he delivers a bouncer barrage. So, when he cleaned up Crawford (who was holding the innings together with 40) with an inswinger, I told him that he is a much better bowler than I thought he was. His immediate response was “Shut up!”. Later on, he bowled another inswinger to trap Singh LBW before Otters cleaned up Premaratne to end their innings at 168. As the innings finished after 5 o’clock, Maxy decided to finish the day there as opposed to batting. Perhaps the safe choice considering our batting line-up.

When I checked the book, the actual top scorer was extras with 45 and I also checked my figures which was 9-3-17-1. A good thrifty return to C1s which was the result of hardly bowling a short ball and mostly bowling the length I had been bowling on Thursday: full to good length with some swing. Maxy was thereby pleased with my efforts.

In the end, we were lucky to play after the rain delay unlike most of our sides which were washed out except for our LO6s who proceeded to end their winless run with a comprehensive win over Modbury by 60 runs. As a result, we were lucky to have Patty Sadlier come on as a substitute fielder when Yogi had to leave early.

A job well done with ball in hand. Now it’s time to score runs. Maxy is expecting everyone to come to practice at least once over the coming week to get a hit which is my intention. I am hoping, weather permitting, I hope to go on Tuesday.

December 12, 2020

If there was a lesson to be learnt, it was not to commit towards two-day cricket ever again. In hindsight, I should have made myself available only for last week which meant a game in LO6s instead of C1s. I had been caught in the crossfire between setting up the new home which we got on Thursday and help the C1s chase 168 in 72 overs on a hot and humid day. From the club’s perspective, I had put my house ahead of my club and even though I had advised Maxy of my predicament in the lead up to the weekend, C1s took the defeat really badly and they weren’t really happy once they were bowled out for 143 in 51 overs.

Tough lesson learnt. One day cricket is the way forward with two-day cricket now in the oblivion as family takes precedence. I am not disappointed as this will allow me to play alongside my friend Vivek while enjoying myself in LO6s.

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